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    There are very few places I have stayed that have left me speechless, but BE Marrakech was definitely one that shocked me. If there is one Riad I would recommend staying at, look no further, this is the one!


    This Riad was probably the most difficult to find as it is hidden away deep in the alleys. The hosts (Nicole and Mo) offered airport pick up for 20 euros which we took as our flight arrived rather late at night. Our driver was able to drive us through the main alley full of shops, all the way to the start of the hidden alley way. As soon as we stepped out of the car there were swarms of people wanting to show us the way – don’t follow them. There is always some form of compensation required if you do. Once we headed down the narrow paths, unsure where the Riad was, we bumped into a group of girls with suitcases. I politely asked if they knew where the Riad was and luckily they were just leaving BE and able to give us directions. It wasn’t much further and there are signs that inform you once you arrive.

    Riad Yasmine and BE Marrakech are so popular that we later bumped into the same group of girls at Riad Yasmine! I guess we were all staying at instagrammable places on this trip. If you want to know what the experience was at Riad Yasmine, be sure to read up on my post all about it!

    riad be marrakech


    As soon as you enter the courtyard, your jaw will simply drop. The amount of detail, the explosion of colours and the decor is simply stunning. Rather there are no words to describe how insanely GORGEOUS this place is! Also when you stay at BE, you have access to the their new location “The Essence” which is also beautiful.

    We were rather early so we took photos of the courtyard while our room was being prepared. While we waited, mint tea was offered and we gladly accepted!

    be marrakech Riad

    The room itself is much smaller than that offered at Riad Yasmine; however, it was extremely comfy, clean and decorated very cozy Moroccan. All amenities were provided, including slippers for walking around the Riad.

    Riad be marrakech room

    For dinner you could purchase a full course surprise dinner at the Riad. After reading reviews about how amazing the food is (& smelling it cooking during the day) we had to try it! Although quite pricey at ~$40USD/person it was completely worth it and we were stuffed by the end of it! You have the option of eating breakfast and dinner either indoors or outside (upstairs they have their own terrace). We decided to take advantage of the beautiful warm weather and enjoyed our meal on the terrace.

    Morocco be marrakech Riad

    Course 1 – Zaalouk, Khobz (bread), Briouats, Pastilla and mint tea

    Course 2 – Tajine (your choice of meat)

    Course 3 – Stuffed dates drizzled with honey

    If dinner already sounds like a treat, wait til you hear about breakfast (which is included)! The free breakfast spread is heavenly, full of breads, jams, fruit, granola, yogurt, muffins and orange juice.

    For a full list of must eats in Morocco, check out my food post!

    breakfast be marrakech



    Cost of the Tawlab room was 110 euros and we booked/paid via the online booking app on the website. Communication with Nicole and Mohammad was via email and they were very quick to respond.

    Riad be Marrakech


    I can’t recommend BE Marrakech enough! The hosts were extremely welcoming and  that made us wish we stayed for another couple nights. Of all the riads and hotels I stayed at in Morocco, I have to stay BE was the one that stole my heart.

    Riad Yasmine

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