The Museum of Ice Cream NYC (MOIC) is both adult, child and family friendly. Upon entering this pink establishment, you are greeted by the bubbliest people with the most outrageous made up names. You too are required to come up with your own creative name before entering the fun, interactive, ice cream filled museum.

    Be sure to have eaten breakfast before this, as that was our first mistake. You will be welcomed with ice cream sundaes, ice cream cones and ice cream cake pops in nearly every room.. that is A LOT of sugar, so be prepared!


    The estimated time spent at MOIC is ~1-2 hours. Depending on the amount of photos you want to take, we spend ~2-3 hours having fun in every room and eating all the ice cream offered.


    The entrance cost is $40USD per person. It is recommended to book tickets in advance as time slots fill up rather quickly.

    Worth It?

    Despite the hefty price of $40USD per person, we found this museum to be highly interactive and fun! I definitely think MOIC is worth going to as we got to spend quite a long time wandering the halls and enjoying all the different rooms. There is also a slide and sprinkle pool that we thoroughly enjoyed and the best part is how in character all the actors are!

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