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    Having a couple Moroccan friends back home, I’ve had the pleasure of eating delicious Moroccan home cooking and I was so excited to have even more in Morocco! With so much to try, I’ve narrowed down some of the MUST EATS while in this fragrant country.


    I feel like this is one of the national dishes of Morocco. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had Tajine but it was probably every night. This delicious stew can be made with beef, chicken, vegetables or camel and is cooked in a shallow cooking pot resulting in tender meats. While in Morocco, be sure to try Tajine at least once!



    Couscous is a fine grain and was commonly served with the Tajine. Couscous reminds me of finely milled rice and was very tasty when paired with other dishes. Although you can eat couscous alone, I would not recommend it as it is rather bland.

    couscous Morocco


    If you have never had pastilla, be sure to put this at the TOP of your list because you will want 10 more. Pastilla is a flaky sweet and savoury pie made with meat (typically chicken or pigeon) and is sprinkled with powdered sugar and cinnamon.



    Morocco is the land of olives so it makes perfect sense to taste the olives while in the country! you’ll be amazed by the variety of olives – oh the possibilities.


    Bread or khobz is a staple in Morocco. You’ll find that this won’t be hard to find as every meal will come with some form of bread. Breakfast was always amazing – with the amount of bread offered at breakfast, you’ll be full in no time!

    Morocco bread

    Kebab/Pita Sandwiches

    This street food is found nearly everywhere and is such a mid day treat! Looking for a quick lunch? or a pre lunch? I know that’s commonly what I do.. and this is the perfect amount of satisfaction! Although this isn’t on most “traditional Moroccan” must eats, it is very cheap and delicious – so it’s high on my list!

    Morocco pita sandwich


    These tasty savoury puff pastries filled with meat and cheese are highly recommended. If you’re telling yourself to only have 2, please let me know how that goes.. these little guys are so tasty you’ll want the entire platter!

    puff pastry Morocco


    Zaalouk is referred to as a Moroccan salad but in my opinion it resembles more of a hummus. It is commonly made with eggplant and eaten with bread. It can be eaten alone; however I personally enjoy eating it like a dip with bread of some form.

    Zaalouk morcco

    Cinnamon Fruit

    I never knew this was a thing until I came to Morocco and I’m so glad to have encountered it! When having dessert or finishing a meal, it is very common that fruit is offered. Moroccan fruit was typically offered with cinnamon sprinkled on top. This was mind blowing because it was so delicious and had never crossed my mind as a perfect pairing.

    cinnamon fruit


    For the adventurous foodies out there – camel is offered in burgers, kebabs, Tajine, etc. The taste is a little gamey and we tried it in camel Tajine as well as a camel burger from Cafe O’ Clock in Fes!

    camel burger

    Mint Tea

    My first introduction to Moroccan culture was the Moroccan whisky, the incredible mint tea. Probably still one of my favourite things about morocco is the mint tea! This delicious tea is made with fresh mint and heaps of sugar. I typically enjoy my tea black, but mint tea really changed my mind. I enjoyed it so much, I ended up buying one of the traditional teapots that it is steeped in. This will be available and offered everywhere you go, be prepared for the sweetest tea you’ll ever have (so good!).

    riad be marrakech

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