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    When most people think about vacationing in the States, LA, New York, and Vegas come to mind. BUT, everyone should start making their way over to Louisiana because NOLA (New Orleans Louisiana) has so much more to offer than just Mardi Gras. Here are my top reasons why you should book your next flight to NOLA.


    Not only is the food incredibly tasty, there is so much of it! You won’t run out of things to try, from the sweet powdery beignets to the Po Boys, there is an extensive list in between. Read up on my food ventures post here!

    Walking Tours

    If you didn’t know, you will now.. i love walking tours! Not only do you get the perspective of a local but you learn so much more about the city. I went on a walking food tour and it was amazing! We were taken into restaurants and shown secret rooms that we wouldn’t have had the opportunity to view if not joining the tour. Popular tours were the ghost tours that happened at night. I would recommend booking in advance for these as we were too last minute and missed out on this opportunity.


    On Frenchman street, there are so many jazz places to choose from but a favorite of mine was the Spotted Cat. This fun little place has live jazz and great drinks! Be sure to bring cash and most of these places are cash only!

    Also on Frenchman Street is an Artist Market that is a short walk from the Spotted Cat! Check out this outdoor market full of local vendors selling some pretty neat pieces of work.

    Swamp Tours

    I never thought I would go on a swamp tour, but while I was in NOLA, it was highly suggested and I can see why. Swamp tours not only bring you up close and personal to real sunbathing alligators but show you NOLA’s important ecosystem. Swamp tours are located just a little bit outside of New Orleans and is worth making the trip out! While riding around, you can spot other animals, swooping trees and bayous. Despite how many daily tours there are, they are spaced out that it feels as if your tour is the only one in the swamp!

    Bourbon Street

    This notorious street in the French Quarter is known for the nightlife, parties and massive hurricanes (alcoholic drink)! Although this isn’t for everyone, I do recommend walking down the street at least once.

    French Quarter

    The French Quarter is the oldest neighbourhood in New Orleans and there is so much more to explore/see than just Bourbon Street. Take a walk down the bustling streets, gaze at the colorful buildings with their beautiful balconies and don’t forget to grab some beignets for the road.

    Jackson Square

    A place in the French Quarter that is often overlooked in Jackson Square. This area is often busy with street performers and nearby shops/cafes. If you enjoy people watching, Cafe du Monde is close by, grab a coffee/beignet and take a seat!

    French Market

    If you enjoy food, this is the place to be. Not only are you able to try everything from hot sauce to alligator sausage, there are local shops selling knick knacks that will surely distract you from the food stalls.. for a minute.


    Strange to see a cemetery as an attraction, but these cemeteries have been around for a long time and the yare above ground! Due to high water levels in the area, it was nearly impossible to bury a casket as it would float up! Solution to the problem? build graves above ground. You are able to book cemetery tours or just visit a nearby location. Maybe you’ll find Nicholas Cage’s pyramid tomb!

    New Orleans Museum of Art

    I am a fan of museums, so naturally I had to check out the museum of art! Be sure to make your way outside to the sculpture gardens. Look out for the popular Blue Dog art, it is nearly everywhere in New Orleans. 


    Have you been to NOLA before? If not, you must have booked your flight by now! 🙂


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