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    Swedish Must Eats

    by leannata


    I could literally write a whole post about Fika and how the whole world needs to adopt this term! Fika is a Swedish term used to describe ‘having a coffee’. However, it’s more a way of life for the Swedes as this is a time for them to socialize and relax. This social outing is very similar to ‘happy hour’ for us in North America. 

    coffee and cake

    When having Fika, it is very common to have your coffee with a pastry of some form. The most popular pastry that I kept seeing at each coffee shop was the Swedish version of a cinnamon bun.

    A popular and delicious cafe for your next fika is Mr Cake! A couple must tries at this instafamous cafe is the red velvet croissants, any slice of cake and their pancakes! 

    strawberry pancakesred velvet croissantstrawberry filled donut


    This Swedish cinnamon bun is delicious when paired with coffee. In Canada, our cinnamon buns have heaps of frosting on top; however, the kanelbulle is bare with sprinkles of sugar on top. There is also the cardamom version of the kanelbulle which is my personal favourite as it is more savoury. Try both and see which one you fancy! 

    cinnamon buns swedish

    Swedish Meatballs (Köttbullar)

    Before coming to Sweden, the only thing I knew about the country was the swedish meatballs (thanks Ikea). Traditional Swedish meatballs are made with elk and I had some fantastic ones at Bla Dorren in Stockholm! These meatballs are typically eaten with a side of mashed potatoes and lingonberry sauce. 

    potatoes and Swedish meatballs


    I had never heard about cloudberry until I stumbled upon it at a local outdoor market in Norway! This berry resembles a raspberry but instead of being red, it is orange. This tarty sweet berry is delicious as a jam or syrup! 


    My personal preference when it comes to pancakes or waffles is thin and crispy. Scandinavia has perfected the perfect waffles as they are thin, in the same of mini hearts and crispy on the outer rim. As a true Canadian, I am used to having maple syrup on all waffles, but the swedes load their waffles with heaps of whipped cream and berry sauce! It is delicious! Since coming home, I’ve been eating all my waffles this way.. with a slight drizzle of maple syrup ? 

    Princess Cake

    How have I never heard of this cake before?! This bright green cake is heavenly and honestly the best pastry pairing at Fika. The moist vanilla inside has a delicious layer of jam which helps break up the sugary sweetness. Try this cake at Vete-Katten!  

    cake with fondant and jam

    Toast Skagen

    This simple but delicious snack is found almost everywhere. It is essentially toast with some form of seafood mixture on top. You can find this offered all over Scandinavia. 


    This open-faced sandwich is found all over Scandinavia and can be topped with almost anything. I can’t tell you how many times I had this during breakfast and lunch. 


    North America loves McDonalds, Sweden loves Max. This fast food chain is popular for its burgers which are tasty and juicy! If you’re in need for some food and want something quick – Max is a great choice. There is a Max at the Arlanda airport!

    Kladdkaka (Sticky Cake)

    Ever have a craving for a lava cake and brownie? Well the swedes have a solution for that! Kladdkaka has the outside texture of a brownie but oozes like a lava cake – how delicious!

    cake and sandwiches

    Salty Liquorice

    I think this is a fan favourite for most Scandinavians. If you love liquorice you will most likely love the Scandinavian version as it is very similar but add heaps of extra salt. Interesting combination but surprisingly it works well together and as a non liquorice eating, I got used to the taste and quite enjoyed a couple pieces.

    swedish liquorice


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