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    If you love food, especially deep fried goodness, New Orleans is the place to go. There is so much to try, you’ll need a 5th stomach if you’re only here for a short period of time. Don’t forget to bring your stretchiest and comfiest pair of pants, you’ll thank me after your 8th meal on day 1! 🙂


    If you have heard of NOLA or even searched up anything New Orleans related, you will find Beignets from Cafe Du Monde on the must try list. These powder bombs are delicious and taste even better when paired with coffee!

    cafe du monde beignet


    Po Boys

    Po Boys are sandwiches that usually have meat or deep fried seafood stuff inside. The most popular place for Po Boys is at Johnny’s Po Boys where you will have a hard time choosing just 1 sandwich to try! The list is extensive and the options endless.

    po boy sandwich


    Shrimp and Grits

    I personally LOVE grits and I had the best one in New Orleans, so i naturally had to include this on the must try list! Grits is essentially corn that is ground up and is commonly served during breakfast/lunch. Be sure to check out Surrey’s on magazine street for the BEST shrimp and grits!

    shrimp and grits


    Banana’s foster

    Brennan’s is a popular restaurant in New Orleans that is known for their lavish breakfast and more importantly, their table side Banana’s foster. If you didn’t bring the proper attire to eat at Brennan’s, no worries! There are other restaurants all over New Orleans that fall under the Brennan establishment. Of all the things I ate while in NOLA, the banana’s foster has to be my favorite! Be sure to give this a go, it’s a must!

    banana foster



    Oysters are available everywhere in NOLA but if you ask anyone, they will tell you to go to Acme or Drago’s. Acme Oyster House is so popular that even when you go right on opening time, there will be a line. The oysters are delicious but after trying both places out, i would have to say Drago’s is my favorite. When we went to Drago’s there was no line and we were immediately seated. Be sure to order the Charbroiled Oysters, these garlicky cheesy oysters will melt in your mouth! We originally only ordered 6 for 2 people and we ended up ordering way more after we had our first bites.

    drago charbroiled oyster



    NOLA during the summer is HOT and the best way to keep cool is a good old transitional snowball! Growing up in Canada we have always referred to these as snow cones. The only difference is at Hansen’s (the place to go for snowballs) they can add condensed milk on top! I have never had snowballs with condensed milk before, but after having it, i don’t know how i have lasted so long in life without it!

    snow cone


    Crawfish Boil

    You can’t go to Louisiana without having a crawfish boil! It’s something with the seasoning and sauces they use in NOLA but it is delicious and worth a try. After our food tour, our guide suggested trying the boil at the French Market Restaurant.

    crawfish boil


    Alligator Sausage

    Yes, you read that properly.. we tried alligator sausage! Although this was not my favorite thing on the list, i figured if you’re here and the opportunity presents itself, why not give it a go? We tried the alligator sausage at the French Market.

    alligator hot dog



    This thick stew is hearty and comes in so many different flavors. I highly recommend trying Gumbo at the Gumbo Shop! You can try smaller bowls of Gumbo but be warned, even these tiny bowls will fill you up quickly! If you are already at the Gumbo Shop, i would recommend trying the etouffee. This is very similar to Gumbo except it is thicker and will usually focus on incorporating only one meat.

    gumbo shop food layout



    Who can say no to carbs? Jambalaya is rice mixed with various meats/seafood and vegetables. The place to get some delicious jambalaya is no other than Mother’s.




    These massive sandwiches will fill you up! They are stuffed with meats, cheese, olive spread, and more layers of meat and cheese. The original Muffuletta is from the Central Grocery and Deli.

    muffuletta sandwich



    You will find boudin and andouille offered on the side, nearly everywhere you go. These are both sausages but are prepared and stuffed differently. Andouille is smoked spicy pork sausage while boudin is stuffed with various meats and sometimes rice.

    boudin sausage

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