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    view of houses in nyhaven Copenhagen

    Copenhagen, foodie haven, an architect’s dream come to life and one of the most expensive countries I have been to. With only a short period of time in this utopia, these are the main highlights you can’t miss while here!


    If you have ever googled Copenhagen, the most popular photo that comes up is Nyhaven which means New Harbor. This idyllic photo of colorful buildings along the canal is the arguably the most popular place in Copenhagen. With its abundance of restaurants, cafes and nearby shopping, it’s understandable why so many people flock here. We had spent many hours sitting on the waterfront, eating a snack, people watching and enjoying the live music. It’s so relaxing here that you won’t even realize how much time has passed.

    colourful houses nyhaven

    Must Try Food Places in Nyhaven:

    Ice cream and waffles in Nyhaven – There are a couple popular places but Vaffelbageren is by far one of the most popular on this street! you’ll smell the fresh baked waffle on sticks and cones from a mile away. They also serve tasty and generous scoops of ice cream!

    ice cream cone in Copenhagen waffle on stick in nyhaven Copenhagen

    Indian caulliflower and chicken from Broens Gadekokken – On the edge of Nyhaven is Broens Gadekokken, an open food court with a variety of food to select! The indian chicken and cauliflower was delicious and worth checking out! The plates and utensils are all edible as well! Although, I would not recommend as it is rather dry but plus 1 for being biodegradable!

    indian cauliflower and naan bread

    Berry soup – You can find this in a bunch of places during the summer. I was highly recommend by a friend that studied in Copenhagen to try this dessert while I was here! The soup is bright red with berries galore and sweet/creamy due to the cream that you pour into it. Delicious and worth the try!

    copenhagen berry soup

    Flodeboller – This chocolate covered marshmallow can be found on the edge of Nyhaven! There is a little store that sells a variety of flavours. I had the milk chocolate with coconut flakes and it was the perfect amount of sweetness!

    chocolate dessert

    Seafood – You can’t go to Copenhagen and not try the seafood! I had a salmon tar tar at Pier 37 in Nyhaven and it was very fresh. I highly recommend checking this place out for your seafood cravings. The service was also incredible!

    menu of pier 37 Copenhagen

    Christiania Town

    When researching about this area of the city, I was expecting art and graffittee. Although there was plenty of that, this part of town definitely offered more creativity than I could even imagine! This former abandoned military base was converted to the free town community we know today and is in the middle of the city centre. 

    free town christiania

    What we didn’t know before going was that this area is known as the “green light district” and is widely popular for its legal cannabis trade. When roaming the area, marijuana leaves can be found growing on the ground everywhere and although it is legal to buy and smoke marijuana in the area, anywhere outside of Christiania town is illegal. If anyone has been to Vang Vieng, Laos about a decade ago, Christiania town reminded me exactly of that – chill vibes, great people and entertainment all around. 

    wooden art work

    Tivoli Gardens

    Not all places can say they have an amusement park smack in the center of the city! You could spend an entire day at the Tivoli Gardens with its rides, games and shows.  

    copenhagen Denmark tivoli gardens

    Church of our Saviour

    This famous baroque church is known for its external spiral staircase which offers incredible views of the city. 

    view of church of our saviour in Copenhagen Denmark

    To get to the top you will have to climb ~400 steep steps but the views at the top are worth it!  There is a cost to climb the stairs, but for the best view in Copenhagen, I would highly recommend spending the 50DKK (~$10CAD).

    city top view of Copenhagen Denmark

    Wander the City 

    Copenhagen has so much to offer! You could spend the day shopping the beautiful boutiques, admiring the architecture on every street or eating your way through the city. The best way to explore the city is by foot or bike, be sure to have proper walking shoes ready!  

    buildings in Copenhagen

    Cirkelbroen (Circle Bridge)

    There is no doubt that Copenhagen is filled with incredible architecture and cirkelbroen is definitely one of the must see bridges while you’re wandering the downtown area. This pedestrian bridge resembles a ship with its large circle platforms and tall sail like poles. 

    circle ship

    Day trip to Malmo, Sweden

    Although you could spend forever in Copenhagen, if you find you have excess time, I would suggest a day trip to Malmo! Sweden and Denmark are connected via the Øresund Bridge. With train tickets at an affordable rate (ranges depending on the day but usually under $20CAD for a one way trip) it would be worth check out a little bit of Sweden!

    turning tower building



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