frozen water fountain in ice castle

    Yup, Canada is basically like the Disney movie Frozen. Just kidding, but there is a ice castle and it is pretty cool. So cool that you’ll just have to come see it for yourself!

    The ice castle originated in Utah but Edmonton, Alberta has been apart of the expansion for the last 2 years. The castle features ice slides, fireplace, water fountain, a massive throne and hidden ice tunnels! If that doesn’t intrigue you.. i don’t know what will. Upon entering, it feels like something out of Frozen or Narnia. The castle is beautifully constructed, family friendly and makes for a wicked instagram photo!

    How to get Here

    The ice castle in Edmonton is located at Hawrelak Park which is near the University of Alberta. I would suggest driving or grabbing an uber as public transportation can be long and Alberta winters are extremely cold.


    Be sure to pre order your ticket online! It is $13/person during the weekdays and $17/person on weekends. The castle is pretty popular so pre ordering will ensure you have a spot. You book your ticket off of available time slots. Once you leave the castle you are required to purchase another ticket; however, you are more than welcomed to stay as long as you like!


    What to Wear

    Because this is such a picturesque place, you will see girls wearing gorgeous dresses and perfectly picked outfits for this backdrop. Always check the weather forecast as the snow and wind combination is no joke in Canada! Although there is a fireplace inside the ice fortress, it doesn’t warm you up nearly enough. Be sure to bring:

    • Gloves & toque/ear muffs
    • Socks.. maybe a couple layers
    • Warm jacket

    Enjoy your visit to Canada and i hope your experience at the ice castle was just as magical as mine!


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